(50 Reasons) Why We Say No

I started this list a while ago with only 13 reasons of why we (I) say no. I don’t know if all of the reasons apply to me specifically, but I’ve definitely seen them all in action. ‘No’ seems to be much easier than ‘Yes’, and it somehow became most people’s default (unless you’re Chris Brogan). Even though I’m a huge believer in focus and prioritizing, I sometimes wish we could all say ‘Yes’ more often. Then again, Superwoman isn’t real.

  1. I’m busy
  2. I’m broke
  3. I’m tired
  4. I think it’s a bad idea
  5. I don’t like you
  6. I don’t like your spouse
  7. I’m sick
  8. I’m lazy
  9. I feel gross
  10. I’d prefer to do something else
  11. It’s not the right time
  12. I don’t understand
  13. I’m not in the mood
  14. I’m too anxious
  15. I don’t like the place
  16. I don’t like the activity
  17. I don’t know how to
  18. I’m scared
  19. I’m not allowed
  20. I was asked not to
  21. I’m hungry
  22. I have no way to get there
  23. I have no way to get back
  24. I wasn’t asked first
  25. I wasn’t asked nicely
  26. It’s not ethical
  27. It’s against my morals
  28. It’s against my religion
  29. I don’t believe in it
  30. It’s against company policy
  31. It’s frowned upon
  32. I’m allergic
  33. It’s too cold
  34. It’s too hot
  35. I’m too short
  36. I’m out of shape
  37. I’m not strong enough
  38.  I’m depressed
  39. It was voted against
  40. It’s illegal
  41. It’s dangerous
  42. It’s crazy
  43. I don’t think my _____ will approve
  44. I’m too young
  45. I’m too old
  46. My lawyer advised me not to
  47. It’s unhealthy
  48. It’s impossible
  49. It’s not worth it
  50. It’s embarrassing

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