The 7 Characteristics of a Good Mentor

Our company was designed to offer clients quick & professional feedback, but I preferred to think of our team as mentors. Ideas that become a reality require on-going consulting and coaching. We found great joy in helping businesses succeed and grow.

While browsing through Michael J. Freeman’s Leadership Knowledge Base, I found the following characteristics of a good mentor, which can be used as a guideline to select mentors.

1) A Desire to Help

Individuals who are interested in and willing to help others.

2) Have had Positive Experiences

Those who have had positive formal or informal experiences with a mentor tend to be good mentors themselves.

3) Good Reputation for Developing Others

Experienced people who have a good reputation for helping others develop their skills.

4) Time and Energy

People who have the time and mental energy to devote to the relationship.

5) Up-to-Date Knowledge

Those who have maintained current, up-to-date technological knowledge and/or skills.

6) Learning Attitude

Individuals who are still willing and able to learn and who see the potential benefits of a mentoring relationship.

7) Demonstrated Effective Managerial (Mentoring) Skills

People who have demonstrated effective coaching, counseling, facilitating, and networking skills.


I hope you found us to be good mentors, and I encourage those of you with the above characteristics to consider mentoring in the future as it is extremely rewarding.

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