How to Build and Maintain Relationships with Mentors

Five steps for building and maintaining relationships with mentors were revealed during a Mixergy interview with Darryn Lee. Darryn has been practicing these 5 techniques since high school, and has since landed his dream job.


Events are often used to network with prospective mentors, however, it is also an opportunity to reach out to current mentors and touch base. Take advantage of every invite you receive, but focus on seeking out people and events within your industry. Be sure to talk to as many people as possible, and connect with both potential and current mentors.

Business Cards

While the practice of exchanging information electronically is gaining momentum, most people still prefer a physical business card. Be sure to ask each individual for a business card, and be ready to give out your own card. Keep in mind that obtaining a business card from a desired mentor is not the end goal. Once you receive the business card, convey its importance by reading the information and putting it away carefully. After the conversation ends, jot down 3 memorable things on the back of the business card. This step is crucial, as it will serve as a launch point for a later conversation or email.

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How To Plan and Prioritize Effectively

Time is a limited resource, and we rarely stop to think how we spend it in the grand scheme of things. We get so caught up in being busy; we end up sacrificing effectiveness for efficiency.

Managing your time might involves notes, to-do lists, and calendars, which often leave little room for items with long-term benefits. In addition to neglecting reading or exercising, we end up leaving no room for spontaneity.

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(50 Reasons) Why We Say No

I started this list a while ago with only 13 reasons of why we (I) say no. I don’t know if all of the reasons apply to me specifically, but I’ve definitely seen them all in action. ‘No’ seems to be much easier than ‘Yes’, and it somehow became most people’s default (unless you’re Chris Brogan). Even though I’m a huge believer in focus and prioritizing, I sometimes wish we could all say ‘Yes’ more often. Then again, Superwoman isn’t real.

  1. I’m busy
  2. I’m broke
  3. I’m tired
  4. I think it’s a bad idea
  5. I don’t like you
  6. I don’t like your spouse
  7. I’m sick
  8. I’m lazy
  9. I feel gross
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The 7 Characteristics of a Good Mentor

Our company was designed to offer clients quick & professional feedback, but I preferred to think of our team as mentors. Ideas that become a reality require on-going consulting and coaching. We found great joy in helping businesses succeed and grow.

While browsing through Michael J. Freeman’s Leadership Knowledge Base, I found the following characteristics of a good mentor, which can be used as a guideline to select mentors.

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Learn from Your Success

Another year has begun, and we are already nearing the end of February. This is a great time to go back and review your 2011 goals and see if you are on track. Have you reached the milestones set out? How should you adapt your strategy to better reach your goals? Remember that every plan is a basis for change, and it’s important to monitor progress and adjust accordingly.

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