Superior Customer Service at Every Level

Regardless of company size, it is crucial to remember that you exist to serve your customers.

In startups, team members might think it is understood that customers should be treated with respect; unfortunately, this is not always common sense. Those who are not directly involved in sales & marketing might be careless when responding to customer emails. These individuals excuse their behavior by stating that customer support is not their specialty. However, friendly and polite communication should be explicitly required across the board, especially in small startup teams where the roles might be fluid.

In larger companies, where titles and roles are set, another problem arises. Management might formulate a list of guidelines for customer service, but they are often not enforced. Since customers are responsible for the success and growth of your company, they should not be neglected. Providing courteous customer service is essential, and more time should be spent on educating employees and regularly informing them of best practices.

Even though the lesson may seem obvious, there are many companies making this costly mistake, which can be easily avoided. Ensure each employee, volunteer, and intern at your company is committed to providing customers with superior service and adheres to company guidelines in all external communications.

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