(50 Reasons) Why We Say No

I started this list a while ago with only 13 reasons of why we (I) say no. I don’t know if all of the reasons apply to me specifically, but I’ve definitely seen them all in action. ‘No’ seems to be much easier than ‘Yes’, and it somehow became most people’s default (unless you’re Chris Brogan). Even though I’m a huge believer in focus and prioritizing, I sometimes wish we could all say ‘Yes’ more often. Then again, Superwoman isn’t real.

  1. I’m busy
  2. I’m broke
  3. I’m tired
  4. I think it’s a bad idea
  5. I don’t like you
  6. I don’t like your spouse
  7. I’m sick
  8. I’m lazy
  9. I feel gross
  10. I’d prefer to do something else Continue reading