5 Ways to Leverage Your Existing Customers for Growth

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No matter how small your current user base is, these five simple tactics will help you acquire new customers by leveraging existing ones.

1. Video Testimonials

Creating video testimonials is a powerful way to convey customer satisfaction and convert prospects. You may have been avoiding video due to high production costs, but unlike your intro video an engaging testimonial can be as simple as a Skype screen capture. The lighting doesn’t matter as much as the sound; however, don’t forget to have the customer clearly state their name and company (if relevant). Upload the videos both to YouTube and your site, and consider using memorable quotes for written testimonials. Instead of constantly asking loyal customers for references, you can now simply direct an endless number of prospects to the videos at any time.

2. Interviews

While many customers will be happy to provide a video testimonial to a beloved service, some might prefer to stick to text. Be grateful, take a note of their preference, and contact them for an interview-style blog post at a later date. When inviting customers to participate in an interview, state that you are interested in featuring their company, project, or achievement. They won’t refuse an opportunity to promote their success story, and even shy customers will be eager to direct their own customers and friends to the post.

3. Guest Blog Posts

Inviting customers to write guest posts is an additional way to leverage them for growth. Customers with expertise in relevant subject areas would be happy to share their thoughts on another platform, and you’ll be able to offer readers regular and high quality content. In addition to having extra content for your company blog, prominently displaying their name and qualifications will encourage the guest bloggers to proudly share the post to their network. Be sure to mention that the author is a customer, either in a short introduction or within a personalized byline.

4. Social Media Team

If you’re a B2B company, you shouldn’t only be connecting with individual customers on social media, you should also be getting friendly with the social media team behind their official company account. Getting to know the individuals within the marketing department allows you to coordinate joint initiatives and help each other amplify key messages. Even if you haven’t had a chance to connect with the social media team, they might be aware of the relationship and open to interacting with your company accounts. Start by sharing one of their blog posts or a positive press mention, and they’ll most likely engage you in a discussion and share the update with their followers if you tag them.

5. Events

Hosting events is a great way to meet a large number of customers at once, and solidify your online connections. However, many companies neglect to take the opportunity to also encourage customers to bring their friends. Connecting with prospects shouldn’t be limited to industry events, especially when you are guaranteed to have a shared contact at your own meet up. Opening a company event to the public can also take the pressure off your customers, and allow you to take care of the sale. Even if you don’t close at the event, be sure to keep in touch with prospects through email and invite them to view pictures from the event on your blog and social media accounts.

If all else fails, use the oldest trick in the book, incentivize customers to refer their contacts.

[Image via King Arthur Flour]

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