5 Ways to Leverage Your Existing Customers for Growth

Rising Bread

No matter how small your current user base is, these five simple tactics will help you acquire new customers by leveraging existing ones.

1. Video Testimonials

Creating video testimonials is a powerful way to convey customer satisfaction and convert prospects. You may have been avoiding video due to high production costs, but unlike your intro video an engaging testimonial can be as simple as a Skype screen capture. The lighting doesn’t matter as much as the sound; however, don’t forget to have the customer clearly state their name and company (if relevant). Upload the videos both to YouTube and your site, and consider using memorable quotes for written testimonials. Instead of constantly asking loyal customers for references, you can now simply direct an endless number of prospects to the videos at any time.

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Do The Hustle

My product is the BEST one out there.

I have a talented team, and some great contractors on board.

So why won’t you sign up already?

I’ve tried everything to get your attention, but you’re too busy to see that my startup is going to be the next big thing.

I spent $20 buying thousands of likes for my Facebook page, and so far only 15 people are talking about it.

Facebook Likes

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