Should a community manager’s primary function be content creation?

Domestic Goddess

No, the community manager’s primary function is connecting users to each other and to the company itself.

The community manager is responsible for building, nurturing and growing the community. While content creation can be a part of the mix, it sometimes isn’t even part of the role.

Similar to parenthood, the more resources you have, the more specialized help can be obtained. In a small startup the community manager often takes care of outreach, customer support, content creation, email marketing, and event planning. However, larger teams may have one or more specialists assigned for each area, working along the community manager.

Content marketing has become increasingly popular as companies begin to realize the value of different types of content for each section of the sales funnel. Therefore it’s a huge benefit to have a community manager with a desire to help people, strong interpersonal skills and copywriting skills, but it isn’t essential as content creation can be assigned to another team member or even externally.

In my opinion, the best community manager definition to date was written by Christina Cacioppo here: The art of community management.

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4 thoughts on “Should a community manager’s primary function be content creation?

  1. Danielle, while I agree with you to a point (it’s not a primary responsibility), I really think it’s every employees job to create content. Especially in the SMB and start-up space where everyone wears multiple hats. What you really need is an editor, just like in any editorial publication, someone to drive the overall content vision.

    And remember content doesn’t have to be copywriting, it can be video, info graphics, or podcasts. Your employees have content creation skills and it’s best to leverage them wherever possible.

    I think the big thing is that companies have stop thinking of their employees in terms of silos. Like it or not, everyone is part of your sales department and your marketing department wether you know it or not.

      1. Great article, full of truth and worth giving it a thought! Even when everyone have their own role inside the company, they are also a team or big team so everyone’s idea is worth giving a shot or polish.

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