Do The Hustle

My product is the BEST one out there.

I have a talented team, and some great contractors on board.

So why won’t you sign up already?

I’ve tried everything to get your attention, but you’re too busy to see that my startup is going to be the next big thing.

I spent $20 buying thousands of likes for my Facebook page, and so far only 15 people are talking about it.

Facebook Likes

A friend of a friend gave me a list of 1,500 emails, for free! Though the only response I got was a failed delivery message.

Oatmeal - Unsubscribe Email

Craiglisters don’t appreciate my hustle and complained when I ignored the not okay contact message.

Iron Man Bike - Craigslist

My @replies got me suspended on Twitter just because I responded to users mentioning one of our 350 keywords.

Twitter - You could look really good.

I even sent you a text message after getting access to some address books, and you still won’t buy my product.

You’re crazy for not appreciating my genius, and you’ll definitely regret this when I become a billionaire.


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