Agent vs. Talent

One of my favourite quotes is, “only a life lived for others is worth living” by Albert Einstein. In life there are agents and talent, neither is superior to the other. While agents are able to promote others with ease, they are often unable to effectively promote their own talents. Likewise, those with talent rarely thrive unless they find a separate entity or individual to act as their representative.

The agent and the talent depend on one another.

In my professional life, I identify as the agent. My time is spent on serving others by helping them reach an audience. The brands I work with solve real problems and deliver clear value to their customers. While my clients focus on building the product, I am able grow a loyal community as well as connect with prospects.

Both sides of the table are serving others.

The only pitfall is that you may devote your time to others, only to discover there is nothing left to give. Even though my day starts with responding to emails, I have decided to spend the majority of my time on what can best be described as continuous improvement of my own talents. This way, I may continue to provide quality service for the long haul (and stay sane while doing so).

Life is short; treat yourself well.

In one of my previous posts, I attempt to empower startup founders, to act as their own agent. In this post, however, I would like to remind agents to keep on honing their craft as well as their hidden talents. Be sure to invest in yourself, in order to better serve others.


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