My worst interview moments


When entrepreneurs say they are unemployable, I can definitely relate. I’ve freelanced, started companies, and even worked part–time, but have never had a day job. Although I’ve had my fair share of job-hunting during the rough times, there have only been a handful of positions that I was actually interested in.

Every so often I see an opportunity in an awesome company, which brings back memories of past interviews. Which were mostly, for lack of a better word, hilarious.

Hopefully you find these as entertaining as I did.

Moment #1

Background: The interview took place in the questionable part of town.
Interviewer: “We dress classy here.” She goes on to give examples. “Well today I’m dressed like shit, I woke up late. But I usually look better”
Me: “Nonsense, you look gorgeous.”

Moment #2

Background: Interviewer was a single male.
Interviewer: “So how do you like this area? Do you have a boyfriend?”
Me: “I love it here, and no…”
Interviewer: “I have a feeling that will change soon.”

Moment #3

Background: This was right after I fell in love with this Albert Einstein quote. Putting my hand on my heart probably didn’t help either.
Interviewer: “So what drives you in life and your work?”
Me: “I just love helping other people reach their goals.”

Moment #4

Background: This was for an awesome company, so I feel the need to paraphrase a bit. And no, I didn’t respond with “Are you effing kidding me?”
Interviewer: “Please complete this task you do several times a day, and have done thousands of times in the past several years, as you have proven earlier. Is half an hour okay?”

Moment #5

Background: As a freelancer, my workweeks are around 40-70 hours, but only half is billable time.
Interviewer: “So how many hours a week do you work now?”
Me: “I don’t like to work much, so right now it’s approximately 30 hours per week.”
In hindsight, I should’ve phrased it better. But if you think it sounds weird, here’s the explanation.

Moment #6

Background: I was waiting on confirmation for travel arrangements.
Interviewer: “Is this a good time? I wanted to finalize your itinerary.”
Me: “Yes. Sorry if I sound weird, I just finished throwing up and I’m in bed.”

Have any awkward interview moments that haunt you? Share them in the comments.


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