Resumes and CVs: When, if ever, is it appropriate to put your social network follower counts on a resume?

I can’t think of any situation where including your social network follower count on your resume would improve your odds of obtaining the position or project.

Your follower count does not indicate your influence online nor does it reflect your true reach and ability. Followers might be paid for, fake, or follow backs. You could mention the figure during an interview, but only if you are able to also share the following:

  • Engagement per post – how many clicks, RTs/res-hares, @replies/comments, and favourites/likes do you receive on average per post
  • The tools you have used to grow and track you social network activity
  • How have you successfully used your own account to support a client/employer (include measurable results such as number of clicks and sign ups or sales)
  • How have you helped a client/employer achieve the same large following (include measurable results such as growth over time and engagement per post)

The focus should be on how your future client/employer will benefit from your skills and experience.

Originally posted on Quora


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