Social Media for Founders

Keeping up with social media can be overwhelming, especially once you start using it as a business tool. Gone are the days of chatting to random strangers and friends all night, you now have a company to run and promote.

There are three main activities that you shouldn’t neglect, these include: responding to feedback, joining the conversation and growing your network. The frequency and time spent on each one of the above tasks depends on your goals for both your personal and company brand. Below are some guidelines, which will hopefully help you spend your time more effectively.

Responding to feedback

After logging in, you should start by responding to any outstanding feedback. There are tools that can help you keep track of conversations across all of your social profiles as well as allow you to respond from one place. However, if you receive a lot of feedback on a regular basis, you should set aside that which does not require a response. While comments, @replies, and DMs should be addressed on a daily basis (especially for your company account), RTs, Likes, #FFs, and Repins may only be acknowledged on a weekly basis. The sooner you respond the higher the likelihood that the individual is still around and available for a longer chat, but there’s no need to drop everything you’re doing every time you receive an alert.

Joining the conversation

Your social feeds might be filled with loads of random links, food pictures, and cat videos, but they are also full of pieces of people’s lives. Don’t forget to join in the conversation by listening and engaging with your contacts. Ask follow up questions, favourite funny tweets, and promote interesting projects that you’d like to share with the rest of your followers. This is also a great way to catch up with contacts you haven’t talked to in a while as well as an opportunity to maintain customer relationships. Twitter lists, which you can decide to make private, are useful if you’re looking to learn more about customer segements or find shareable content from industry leaders.

Growing your network

There are a couple of easy ways to grow your network without spending too much time outside of your regular routine. As part of responding to feedback you’ll most likely follow back familiar faces and customers, however, once a week you should go over your new followers and visit their profile. Regardless of your follow/unfollow strategy, new followers can be an opportunity to grow your network and acquire new customers. After reading each bio and their latest tweets, you might discover an interesting followers that you have missed. Don’t be shy and take the time to personally introduce yourself and your company (avoid automated DMs). Next, search for tweets that you’d like to RT, favourite or @reply to, as well as the contact’s previous interactions. Be sure to leverage your contacts’ social circle by engaging interesting individuals and potential customers.

Your startup’s social media profiles should be a priority, but don’t neglect your own as many people might be more interested in engaging with the person behind the brand. Keep your social networking to an hour a day, and if you find the above tasks too time consuming seek help internally or externally to ensure you are focused on building great products.


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3 thoughts on “Social Media for Founders

  1. Great tips.. as a founder of 2 other failed ventures I realize the importance of building a strong social community and network. I will make sure to put these to good use.

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