Where Good Ideas Come From: Insights by Steven Johnson

Ideas Take Time

An overnight success often takes years, and a Eureka moment is the result of lots work. In today’s society we expect things done yesterday, but you cannot force this kind of progress. Be patient and be willing to explore new avenues.

An Idea is a Network

An idea takes time to form since it is often a collision of several different concepts. Connecting the dots becomes easier as new information becomes available. The best way to craft your idea is to network, even simply articulating your thoughts will help you through the process. After you share, make sure to listen carefully to any feedback and ask clarifying questions. Connecting with people and engaging them in a discussion will help you find your idea’s missing piece.

Ideas are Driven by Connectivity

In Steven’s Ted Talk about the same topic, he ends the talk with, ‘Chance favours the connected mind.’ While the internet may viewed as a distraction to some, others harness its power to connect people across the world. Ideas are unlocked by interaction, and social networks allow you to reach people outside of your offline community and field. Even though the information may be overwhelming at times, your idea often depends on its availability. Soak up the information and connect with new people, and then take the time to recharge and focus on refining your idea.

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