Advice for New Entrepreneurs from 50 Fans

Entrepreneur Magazine asked their fans “If you had to give new entrepreneurs one piece of advice, what would it be?” After adding in my own two cents, and reading over 200 comments, I decided to share some of the insights.

  1. It is ALWAYS too early to quit. – Pamela
  2. Think Big! – Ramakrishna
  3. Learn from your mistakes, as you will make lots of them, but DON’T throw in the towel! – Sloan
  4. Start small. – Andrej
  5. Be true to your word and your friends and inspires others. – Julie
  6. Sacrifice in order to be successful entrepreneur and consistency is the key. Don’t waste time with college; it’s nothing but a debt when you graduate. – Janelle
  7. Bootstrap as much as possible. – Mary Lynne
  8. Stay Committed. – Amarilys
  9. Surround yourself with a good team. – Yael
  10. Please your customers. – Colin
  11. Have a mentor, don’t go at it alone. – Cory
  12. Don’t always listen to other’s advice. Sometimes you have to  go with your gut. – Lee
  13. Don’t be discouraged by others succeeding…Focus! – Choolwe
  14. Control cash-flow! – Anne
  15. Stop wasting time on Facebook and start building things – Bartek
  16. Nourish your mind daily to keep positive, creative, and motivated. – Art
  17. Please don’t listen to the…Naysayers…! – Marniesheia
  18. Be incredibly well-capitalized before you start. – Rick
  19. Surround yourself with good mentors, listen to their advice, but follow your heart. – MeLinda
  20. Conduct your business with fairness and honest. Because if you don’t you’ll gi under fast. – Kerry
  21. Be ready to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without a paycheck until you make it. – Ryan
  22. Understand that time is money and that it may be most cost-effective to hire talent than to do everything yourself. If you are uncomfortable with selling or asking for business, then being an entrepreneur may not be the right path for you. There are may free/affordable resources for support — chambers, SCORE, BNI and others. Seek them out and know what they offer before beginning your venture. – Maria
  23. Work on the business not in it! – Ziad
  24. Read everything you can get your hands on on your trade, industry and entrepreneurship. – Katy
  25. Be your biggest motivator. – Siyabonga
  26. Become adept at marketing. It doesn’t matter how amazing your work is if no one ever finds out about it. – Marc
  27. Be patient, it takes time to build the kind of business you dream of having. I’m sure with persistence you’ll get to your goal. And, extra effort yields extra result. – Ifeanyi
  28. Start with a pencil and piece of paper, and when you sure you have drawn all what you want, and how you imagine your new company, begin with realizing. – Viktor
  29. Bring healthy and positive changes in world!! Make this world a better place to live. – Dipankar
  30. Dare to try out new things and pick yourself up every time you fall down!! – Praveen
  31. Be surrounded with ambitious people. There’s nothing worse than having “toxic” friends. – Przemyslaw
  32. You will run into obstacles but they will help you to LEARN. – Andy
  33. Work with passion on a day-to-day basis. Never rest on your laurels and keep wanting to constantly improve. Know how to sell your product or service… And know how to raise capital. Invest in yourself and never ever ever give up! Have an accountability partner. – Andrew
  34.  Start slow and stay flexible. Test your idea before you invest in it and know that your idea may need to change drastically based upon consumer response. – Entrepreneur Academy
  35. “A little less conversation, a little more action.” – Elvis, good song but even better philosophy. – James
  36. Create a solid business plan, be well capitalized and have an exit strategy. Make sure that you love what you are doing because YOU will make the difference no matter how many great people you have working with you. – Shane
  37. Get the experience 1st in all areas of business operations to be able to create your business effectively & efficiently. Have passion, never stop learning & make a difference. – Barbara
  38. Do your homework properly before you jump for anything… Think all the cons and pros and most important always have a backup plan…!!! – Prahlad
  39. PERSISTENCE. That’s where success lies. – Tyson
  40. Be passionate and go with your instincts! – Carlos
  41. Plan.. Plan.. Plan. – Silver
  42. Love what you do and all else will follow. – Jenny
  43. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or for help! – Jeremy
  44. Know your market, qualify your prospective buyers and learn how to deal with it. – Cresencia
  45. Sometimes it takes years before you become “an overnight success.” – Dave
  46. Don’t give up and Network, Network, Network!! – Arkadina
  47. Find what you truly enjoy and focus on being able to do that while adding value to your clients. Entrepreneurship can and should be about you being fulfilled. If you find a way to do that and can express your passion, people will buy from you. – Jory
  48. Take GOOD care of your customers. – Trischa
  49. Word of mouth is priceless advertising. – Michael
  50. Study all successful entrepreneurs, what steps did they follow to get where they are? – Joe

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