8 Secrets of Success: Insights by Richard St. John (Part 2)


Don’t spend time with people who don’t believe in you, instead look for positive feedback and support.

The best way to expand your boundaries is by consciously stepping outside of your comfort zone. When working out, you can only build muscle if you force yourself to keep going past the pain. However, personal trainers often provide you with the proper motivation needed to reach your fitness goals. Similarly, seeking out mentors and guidance will increase the likelihood of achieving success.


Don’t plan on taking without giving back; instead offer others something of value.

Helping others is extremely rewarding, as generosity leaves you with a feeling of satisfaction. While you may be serving others with an end result in mind, maximize your success by ensuring it is truly a win-win situation. Quality products and services are often rewarded with a higher number of customers and profits. Create value and strive to serve customers rather than yourself.


Don’t just write your own ideas down; instead share and turn them into a reality.

Tactics such as listening, observing, asking questions, solving problems, and making connections can help you generate ideas. However, ideas are nothing without execution. Spend time thinking up new ideas each day, but be sure to pursue the most promising opportunities according to your vision.


Don’t give up, instead dust yourself off and try again.

You may find yourself failing time after time, but be sure to learn from those failures to achieve greater success. Persist through criticism, rejection, negative people, and the pressure by having a clear view of your end goal. Instead of giving up on your ideas, or pushing through locked doors, improve upon your idea until there is a demand. Learn how to change a ‘No’ into a ‘Yes’ by reinventing your idea and understanding the importance of persistence.

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