8 Secrets of Success: Insights by Richard St. John (Part 1)

Richard St. John’s video shares 8 secrets of success in under 5 minutes, and I thought it might be helpful to expand on the secrets as well as highlight the mistakes associate with each one.


Don’t chase after the money, instead do what you love and the money will follow.

Successful people are passionate about their work, and would continue even if they were not paid a dime. In fact, many of them don’t even consider it work. People who are in for the money tend to give up as soon as they encounter hardship, and who can blame them? Passion can’t be faked. Luck or hard work may lead to a great opportunity, but it is not worth pursuing if your heart is not in it. When you do what you love you are bound to be successful, and even if you don’t earn millions – who cares? You are doing what you love!


Stop waiting around, instead work hard to achieve your goals.

Success is hard work, and it takes blood, sweat, and tears to make it. Planning and prioritizing can make the journey easier, but magic only happens in fairy tales. In the beginning, you may find yourself working hard without any substantial results, but giving up won’t get you any closer to the finish line. Prepare to put in the time, and effort, because nothing worth doing is easy.


Don’t except success to come naturally, instead practice until you are the best in the world (BIW).

Research shows that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert, and the best don’t stop there. Once you find your passion, commit to working hard and hone your skills. Those who discover this principle must also learn the importance of sustaining their success. Continuously improve yourself, and adapt to the new circumstances at hand. We all have the opportunity to be the best, why not give it your all and try?


Stop trying to be everything to everybody, instead focus on one area.

Some people strive to satisfy everybody, and end up pleasing nobody. You may try to satisfy one customer’s demands, and find other stakeholders pulling you in another direction. Sometimes, you have to say ‘No Thanks’, just so you can say ‘Yes, Please’ to what really matters. Distractions will hold you back from working on your passion, and make it impossible to fully realize your potential. You have to determine and commit to what is truly important.

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