Social Media for Founders

Keeping up with social media can be overwhelming, especially once you start using it as a business tool. Gone are the days of chatting to random strangers and friends all night, you now have a company to run and promote.

There are three main activities that you shouldn’t neglect, these include: responding to feedback, joining the conversation and growing your network. The frequency and time spent on each one of the above tasks depends on your goals for both your personal and company brand. Below are some guidelines, which will hopefully help you spend your time more effectively.

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Superior Customer Service at Every Level

Regardless of company size, it is crucial to remember that you exist to serve your customers.

In startups, team members might think it is understood that customers should be treated with respect; unfortunately, this is not always common sense. Those who are not directly involved in sales & marketing might be careless when responding to customer emails. These individuals excuse their behavior by stating that customer support is not their specialty. However, friendly and polite communication should be explicitly required across the board, especially in small startup teams where the roles might be fluid.

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Who is Your Target Market?

“I have an idea for a mobile app, and I read that there are about 5 billion cell phones subscriptions. Even if I only get 10% of the market, I’ll be a millionaire!”

Have you ever heard something along those lines? We have.

Optimistic thinking is great, but realistic planning will get you from ‘keep on dreaming’ to ‘living the dream’. A realistic market share estimate involves market research, and assessments such as a competitive analysis. However, before in-depth research can be done you must identify a specific target market. Understanding your audience is key for creating and sustaining a successful venture.

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