Trello Use Case Suggestions

To Do, Doing, Done (can choose to use the default)

  1. Ideas, Research, Formulate, Pitch, Execute (can vote on which ideas will actually be executed)
  2. Titles, Research, First Draft, Editing, Final, Published, Promoted (can add a check list with each proofreading element)
  3. Recipes, Making, Revise, Keep (can add pictures of final outcome)
  4. Buy, Coupons, Deals, Sales (can add expiry dates in the notes)
  5. Read, Reading, Share (can add hyperlinks to each article)
  6. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually (boards don’t have a to be a process)
  7. Call, Text, Email, SM (can upload a file with the contact info)
  8. Monitor, Responding, Report (can assign individuals to a task)
  9. Startups, Researching, Tried, Recommend (can archive cards once you are done with them)
  10. Upcoming Events, RSVP’d, Attended, Follow Up (can colour coordinate according to importance)

Got an idea for a Trello use case? (can start as many new boards, lists, and cards as needed)

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