You’re never the smartest person in the room

Now you see me

Some people take the saying, “never be the smartest person in the room” a bit too seriously. These people will sneer when they learn you don’t have your masters, and push you out of their way when the speaker gets off the stage.

The problem with trying to surround yourself with only the best versions of who you want to be, is that:

A) You can’t always tell who is ‘worth’ your time
B) They might not have time for you
C) You might not know who you want to be

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How to Build and Maintain Relationships with Mentors

Five steps for building and maintaining relationships with mentors were revealed during a Mixergy interview with Darryn Lee. Darryn has been practicing these 5 techniques since high school, and has since landed his dream job.


Events are often used to network with prospective mentors, however, it is also an opportunity to reach out to current mentors and touch base. Take advantage of every invite you receive, but focus on seeking out people and events within your industry. Be sure to talk to as many people as possible, and connect with both potential and current mentors.

Business Cards

While the practice of exchanging information electronically is gaining momentum, most people still prefer a physical business card. Be sure to ask each individual for a business card, and be ready to give out your own card. Keep in mind that obtaining a business card from a desired mentor is not the end goal. Once you receive the business card, convey its importance by reading the information and putting it away carefully. After the conversation ends, jot down 3 memorable things on the back of the business card. This step is crucial, as it will serve as a launch point for a later conversation or email.

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The 7 Characteristics of a Good Mentor

Our company was designed to offer clients quick & professional feedback, but I preferred to think of our team as mentors. Ideas that become a reality require on-going consulting and coaching. We found great joy in helping businesses succeed and grow.

While browsing through Michael J. Freeman’s Leadership Knowledge Base, I found the following characteristics of a good mentor, which can be used as a guideline to select mentors.

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