Choose to Focus

Karma is an energy that can work both ways; therefore, it’s important to give others what you wish to receive. Good things happen to good people. However, before beginning to do good deeds, it is important to outline your course of action. Defining a clear set of goals will allow you to better allocate your resources and achieve that which you desire. You must choose to focus your efforts in order to remain on the path to happiness.

At first, long-term goals should be assigned for several aspects of your life such family, education, career, social, and personal. Secondly, each long-term goal should be broken down to many short-term goals. Short-term goals are essential in order to better reach long-term goals, and make long-term goals seem more attainable. Finally, each day, you should decide on a list of things you intend to accomplish. Be realistic! But know that even small tasks will bring you one step closer to the end result, and each one completed with fill you with a great sense of accomplishment and a desire to move forward.

Be flexible with your goals, adapting when your priorities shift. In addition, it is beneficial to occasionally add goals, which reflect new ways to reach happiness and continue to experience life to its fullest!


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