Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

Age is just a number; similarly, time is just a made up concept. The past had made us who were are, and it important to cherish it rather than be filled with regret. Everything happened for reason and there is no use in dwelling. The past should only be used as reference tool, when reflecting the reasons you were successful, and the mistake you should avoid.

On the other hand, day dreaming about your future is important. Thinking ahead is crucial in order to move forward effectively. Every plan is a basis for change, but a clear path and focus will help achieve more in your journey. Planning, however, is nothing without execution.

After considering the past, and determining that which will make you happy in the future, you must actually take the first steps to reach your goals. The only moment you have power over, is the present. You choose how to live, and you deserve success. Take risks and commit to excellence. Life is about trial and error, and it is the journey that counts, not the end result. Your life is precious, and is meant to be experienced not feared.

Think back to all the things you wanted to accomplish today, how many of them did you complete? Instead of promising yourself to do better tomorrow, do at least one of those things right now. Next time you think of something you should, could, or would do, simply do it.

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