SIFE Ryerson (Enactus)

My last year in university was by far the most rewarding year. I had the opportunity to join the award-winning SIFE [Students in Free Enterprise] Ryerson team, assist the marketing department and even co-manage the RU Green? Program.

One of my entrepreneurship courses encouraged students to volunteer at SIFE Ryerson, a student-run group, in exchange for bonus points. I went in to grab a couple of flyers, and was surprised to see such a high energy level in a student-run office.

While some students spend their days figuring out ways to avoid course work and doing as little as possible, there are a special few that give 110%. SIFE Ryerson students are committed to excellence; they are motivated and passionate about truly making a difference. Each person at SIFE Ryerson takes initiative to get projects done, the right way, because they made a choice to participate and give it their all.

As soon as I walked into the office the VP of Marketing, and current President, welcomed me in and offered me candy. She asked me if I wanted to join the SIFE team, and her genuine enthusiasm and warm nature made me a believer. I was amazed that a stranger could be so inviting and make me feel like I belonged.

SIFE Ryerson runs programs that have a great impact on the local and global community. Each program creates opportunities for students to gain valuable experience and make a difference. An entrepreneurial mind set is encouraged as new initiatives such as seminars and events are constantly being executed. SIFE Ryerson educates and inspires others while it evolves to better serve their audience.

I will never forget my experience at SIFE Ryerson, and the people that made me feel like I belonged.

Join SIFE Ryerson here, or find your own school’s SIFE team on the organization’s website.

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3 thoughts on “SIFE Ryerson (Enactus)

  1. Hey Danielle,

    SIFE definitely means a lot to each one of us and working with you on the RU Green? project clearly illustrated to me how dedicated you are no matter what the circumstances.

    We all wish you the best with your future endeavours and hope you kick some butt!

  2. Danielle! This is an awesome article! Thanks so much for being a member of our team, we are better for having worked with you. Please keep stopping in and providing me with sanity during the capstone! Good Luck with everything!

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