Creating art, writing a blog, or recording music usually works best when you have an audience. The support from your audience, in addition to the sheer motivation to continue to create, is enough to inspire anybody.

Before I started writing, I expressed myself through t-shirts, which can be found in my online store. At first it was hard to translate my sketches to Illustrator, but I learned how to use the program to create a new kind of art. I still find it hard to explain how to use Illustrator and Photoshop but once I start my creativity flows and amazing images are created.

My inspiration first came from my smoke-free ideals and passion against the tobacco industry. However, more and more I find inspiration everywhere I look. As corny as it sounds helping others inspires me. Albert Einstein once said, “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile”. I love helping other people get their life together, helping start-ups grow, and I hope to one day help communities reach their goals.

Spreadshirt allows visitors to create their own merchandise through an existing image database, or through uploading their own designs. In addition, individual storefronts can be created. While there are several other sites offering this service, I found Spreadshirt offered more options and the store was very simple to set up. Spreadshirt also appealed to me since it allows storeowners to control and customize many features, as well as track visitors and orders with ease.

To create your own merchandise, or to open a shop register online.

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