Keith and The Girl

When I first heard about Keith and The Girl (KATG) I wasn’t really open to the concept. I’m a very visual person and find it hard to pay attention to audio. But 4 years later, I find it hard to go through a week without a dose of this awesome podcast.

During my first year of University I decided to give the podcast a try, and was instantly hooked. I should mention that some of the content is intense, and KATG is definitely not for those who get easily offended. However, their candidness is very appealing. The podcast is vastly different than the familiar radio show format. Keith, an award winning comedian, and his partner Chemda, a world-renowned singer, speak honestly about almost everything and do not hide behind fake exteriors.

The hosts both offer new perspectives on current events and society in general, delivering their opinions with humour, wit, and charm. Their personalities draw more and more listeners, and they have grown into a successful and valuable enterprise. Their website [] is constantly updated to meet their listeners needs, and includes everything from an events calendar to episode pictures and notes. Perhaps the most important feature is the KATG forums. The podcast has evolved into a tight knit community, which thrives through the forums.

KATG transcends beyond the online world, as more and more meet-ups occur offline. The hosts organize live shows and events, while listeners across the world plan their own meet ups on the forums. Meet ups often occur at a show performed by one the podcast’s guests. Past KATG guests include comedians, musicians, and other entertainment industry professionals.

While the podcast is offered 5 days a week for free, listeners can offer their support through donations and the online store. Recently, a recurring donation has been integrated, due to popular demand. While the store offers various merchandise such as t-shirts and shot glasses. Those who seek more of the humour and advice given on the show can purchase Keith’s hilarious annual stand up CDs & DVDs, as well as the first KATG book, What Do We Do Now? Smart Answers to Your Stupid Relationship Questions. The book does not only entertain, it is extremely insightful and is essential for every relationship.

The podcast is guaranteed to put a smile on your face (and make you laugh out loud uncontrollably), cure an illness or two, give you the confidence to take charge of your life, and open your mind to new ideas.

To listen, subscribe to Keith and The Girl on iTunes, or download the mobile app (iPhone / Android).

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