Angry Lips Evolution

Express yourself!

People tend to hold things in when it is important to let go. Go for a run, write a journal, or pick up a paintbrush, because holding things in isn’t healthy, and the more you share the more therapeutic the process will be.

My creative outlet of choice used to be my sketchbook, and the pictures show how a simple sketch became my first design for Danielle G Clothing (DGC).

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Creating art, writing a blog, or recording music usually works best when you have an audience. The support from your audience, in addition to the sheer motivation to continue to create, is enough to inspire anybody.

Before I started writing, I expressed myself through t-shirts, which can be found in my online store. At first it was hard to translate my sketches to Illustrator, but I learned how to use the program to create a new kind of art. I still find it hard to explain how to use Illustrator and Photoshop but once I start my creativity flows and amazing images are created.

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Reality does it better

Working on my line ‘Visual Pollution’, is resulting in designs that closely resemble real life images in comparison to my previous creations. All great artists, that produce obscure paintings, will tell you that you have to master realism before you can take the step into abstract. While I do see value in perfecting the skill by producing an image that is identical to a real life person/object, I have always felt that art should be much more personal, and an abstract image is a much better representation of your true inner feelings. DGC is my creative outlet and therefore I regard my designs as more than just a skill learnt.

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Visual Pollution

Ever look into the dark and see things that aren’t really there or make out faces in random objects. I’m not talking about the beginning of a horror film, I’m talking about slightly overactive imagination that allows us to see innocent objects as something extraordinary until our brain recognizes the truth. The new line ‘Visual Pollution’ will consist of designs that are just that. The designs are inspired from random shapes in the dark as well as images seen in smoke. I always see the weirdest things in smoke, and will try my best to communicate those onto DGC t-shirts. Hopefully one day the unnatural smoke will be eliminated and the visions will roam free.

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