Reality does it better

Working on my line ‘Visual Pollution’, is resulting in designs that closely resemble real life images in comparison to my previous creations. All great artists, that produce obscure paintings, will tell you that you have to master realism before you can take the step into abstract. While I do see value in perfecting the skill by producing an image that is identical to a real life person/object, I have always felt that art should be much more personal, and an abstract image is a much better representation of your true inner feelings. DGC is my creative outlet and therefore I regard my designs as more than just a skill learnt.

Our society generally values photograph-like paintings without appreciating the immense imagination and emotion abstract artists put into their paintings, not to mention the fact that a surrealist cannot simply sit on top of a building and begin to copy it element by element, they must wait for inspiration. This is not to say that I think I am above certain types of art, I am far from a pro when it comes to art that is true to reality, however, perfectly capturing a certain emotion can sometimes prove to be just as hard. I know many artists who can produce amazing portraits and still life, yet fail to express themselves through their artwork. Overall, why attempt to imitate real life when a painting can never quite compare to reality itself.

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