Is it Too Late for a Back-Up Plan?

Entrepreneurship, and life in general, is unpredictable and full of uncertainty. There is no way to fully guarantee that your decision is the right one. After weighing all the options, listing pros & cons, and deciding on a specific course of action, it is your responsibility to also formulate a back-up plan.

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Some people trust their computers and store every piece of important information on it without backing it up. Others, like myself, are fanatics about organizing and keeping information in 10 million places just in case one day you might find use for a balance sheet assignment from a high school accounting class. I also still have every single one of my physical notes from university, but that’s another story.

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Visual Pollution

Ever look into the dark and see things that aren’t really there or make out faces in random objects. I’m not talking about the beginning of a horror film, I’m talking about slightly overactive imagination that allows us to see innocent objects as something extraordinary until our brain recognizes the truth. The new line ‘Visual Pollution’ will consist of designs that are just that. The designs are inspired from random shapes in the dark as well as images seen in smoke. I always see the weirdest things in smoke, and will try my best to communicate those onto DGC t-shirts. Hopefully one day the unnatural smoke will be eliminated and the visions will roam free.

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