Some people trust their computers and store every piece of important information on it without backing it up. Others, like myself, are fanatics about organizing and keeping information in 10 million places just in case one day you might find use for a balance sheet assignment from a high school accounting class. I also still have every single one of my physical notes from university, but that’s another story.

The move from a PC to my first laptop took me months. I emailed myself every last file, fighting through slow internet connection and ridiculous limits on attachments and email storage. The torture didn’t end there. Each attachment had to be downloaded to my new laptop. At the end of the process I had many duplicates and missing files. The time and energy wasted angered me, and it didn’t help getting advice, after the fact, about other complicated ways that could have saved me some time.

I didn’t want to go through this experience again, but 4 years later I saw the infamous blue screen of death. I thought my perfectly organized computer and email would soon be history, but luckily this was not the case. My friend suggested Dropbox, a file hosting service. I’m not tech savvy and thought I would be overwhelmed, especially since I was also thinking of finally switching to a Mac.

I checked Dropbox out and was sold. Dropbox allowed me to store my files online and access them from any computer. I was even more thrilled after I found out I could sync all my files and folders through the desktop app. Instead of uploading files, I simply transferred whole folders into the Dropbox folder. My computer remained organized, and any changes were automatically saved on my online account. Dropbox has other amazing features such as file sharing, but the most incredible part was the ease of use. While the files transferred, which only took a couple of hours, I was able to spend the short time my computer had left completing an assignment.

After the success I had with Dropbox, I was confident enough to learn how to use a brand new operating system.  The hassle from Windows was too much, and I decided to switch to a Mac. The difficulty of the process was emphasized everywhere, which was a major selling point in favour of Windows. I think they might be appealing to people’s fear of change, but it is crucial to adapt to change and evolve.

10 minutes. 10 minutes is how long it took me to figure out my Macbook, including downloading my Dropbox folder. While the folder was syncing, I realized that new technologies are constantly emerging and people should take advantage of their benefits. Dropbox has proved to be invaluable, while my Macbook has increased my productivity and enabled me to achieve much more than I could possibly have with my old laptop. I still don’t consider myself tech savvy, but I am no longer afraid to explore and try to figure out the unknown.

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