Is it Too Late for a Back-Up Plan?

Entrepreneurship, and life in general, is unpredictable and full of uncertainty. There is no way to fully guarantee that your decision is the right one. After weighing all the options, listing pros & cons, and deciding on a specific course of action, it is your responsibility to also formulate a back-up plan.

There are many factors outside of our control that may affect the outcome of our decision. Instead of worrying about that which you cannot control, plan ahead and be proactive. Think of all the possible obstacles you may encounter, then, for each obstacle, come up with an alternate solution.

A negative outcome is not the decision maker’s fault, it happens. People blame themselves for the situation, when in reality they are only at fault for neglecting to think of a plan B. Some people are able to think of a quick solution on the spot, but for the most part the best plans are thought out and prepared well in advance.

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