In case of emergency

In case of emergency chocolateA horrible smell spread throughout the house, and the sickly fumes seemed to be originating from the kitchen. Smoke gushed out of the oven as I pulled out some dishes and a burnt plant. A baking sheet was placed directly under the melting plastic, while our small fan was working overtime to keep the fumes away from the smoke detector.

Some people use their oven as storage, because the only thing they’ve ever prepared is a bowl of cereal. While I do bake often, the oven can be a pretty good spot to quickly hide the evidence of a messy counter. Luckily, I usually have a great memory and remove dishes before preheating. Usually.

The plastic on the bottom of the oven floor started to harden, but we were busy trying to pry chunks off the metal racks. After using hot water, scissors and serrated knives, what was left of the plastic container was mostly in the garbage. The whirring of the bathroom fan and the loud exhaust hood reminded me of the time my roommate set her grilled cheese on fire.

The pressure to quickly hit record as a show is starting is too much for some people. For me, it depends who’s around me. When my roommate and friend had no idea how to extinguish the small fire, I looked around for a second and then threw a pot lid on the burning pan and spatula. After that I carefully placed a wet towel over the mess to help smother the flames.

I’m much more likely to scream when I see a spider, or even a rather large ant, but if it’s up to me to place a cup over it and get it outside than so be it. You don’t always have to be calm under pressure, or take charge of a group, but you should be able to assess the situation and know when to step up.

[Image via A Fish Who Likes Flowers]

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Agent vs. Talent

One of my favourite quotes is, “only a life lived for others is worth living” by Albert Einstein. In life there are agents and talent, neither is superior to the other. While agents are able to promote others with ease, they are often unable to effectively promote their own talents. Likewise, those with talent rarely thrive unless they find a separate entity or individual to act as their representative.

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Social Media for Founders

Keeping up with social media can be overwhelming, especially once you start using it as a business tool. Gone are the days of chatting to random strangers and friends all night, you now have a company to run and promote.

There are three main activities that you shouldn’t neglect, these include: responding to feedback, joining the conversation and growing your network. The frequency and time spent on each one of the above tasks depends on your goals for both your personal and company brand. Below are some guidelines, which will hopefully help you spend your time more effectively.

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Startup Mistakes by Software and Tech Companies: The Rebuttal

A friend of mine shared this article with me over Twitter, after we discussed (and agreed), that tech startups underestimate the power of sales and marketing. I still believe that to be true, but the article sounds like someone in a suit with a ‘real’ job wrote it without the slightest insight into the mind of an entrepreneur.

While some points are valid, the majority of them were presented so poorly that any entrepreneur reading this would just shake their head in disgust and miss the message. Seeing as Twitter arguments usually go nowhere, I decided to write my ‘rebuttal’ here and highlight the important points from a different point of view.

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How to Survive Launching a Startup with Only One Founder


Beautiful Idea
Those of you that have been following me on Twitter know that my new favourite startup is Scoutzie, founded by Kirill Zubovsky. Scoutzie is a curated community for the best mobile designers in the world. The beautiful site does an awesome job showcasing only the best mobile designers for hire.

The Setup
After approaching Kelly Smith for a job at Zapd, the two got to talking about Zubovsky’s passion for starting a business and the rapid growth of mobile applications. Since Smith is already involved with other companies, they decided it would be best for Zubovsky to pursue the opportunity, with Smith as an Advisor/Investor.

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