Carry-on snacks

When I’m last-minute packing for a trip, I always throw in a couple of snacks in my carry-on luggage. Here’s what I packed for my flight to Japan.

Danielle Geva Travel Snacks

Chocolate Milk or Juice Boxes

Before I even make it to the airport, I have a snack for the bus, train, or cab there. It’s usually too weird of a time to eat, so a chocolate milk or juice box make for the perfect alternative. It’s a good way to get some energy, and calm down the anxiety and motion sickness. After security, I refill my reusable water bottle with more liquids to avoid getting dehydrated on the flight.

Tic Tacs

Yes, the first snack was consumed hours before departure. And yes, Tic Tacs aren’t technically food. However, Tic Tacs are also must-have on any journey. Beyond freshening my breath on this ~30 hour trip, they’ll come in handy if the food isn’t great (either to get rid of the weird taste or distract from my hunger). Tic Tacs also help prevent my ears popping during takeoff and landing as I fidget nervously with the container. Can you tell I’m not at all stressed about flying?

Granola Bars

The only thing worse than bad airplane food, is no food. Last time I travelled to Japan, there was a mixed up with my meals. Both ways. Luckily granola bars are very filling for their size. This time around, I have 6 different varieties since I get extra picky when I’m overtired. The vegan Clif Bar is a white chocolate macadamia nut flavour, which used to be my favourite Tim Horton’s cookie. I have the Chocolate Chip, Mixed Berry, and Strawberry MadeGood bars. These vegan bars somehow contain one full serving of vegetables, which makes them sound even healthier. Finally, I have Nature Valley’s Sweet & Salty bars. These are a family favourite, since we grew up on peanut butter. Instead of the traditional peanut butter though, I went with almond butter and toasted coconut.

Maria Biscuits  

When I don’t feel well, I crave bland foods. I used to travel with a loaf of bread (yes, really), but have since switched to Maria Biscuits. Growing up, I had Marie Biscuits (the British version), but apparently Maria is the original name. These biscuits are the equivalent of toast and butter to me, as they provide comfort and some sustenance without an overwhelming flavour.

Hopefully this list helps you pack from your next vacation. If you’re thinking of visiting Japan, I’ll be sharing my favourite foods from Osaka and Kyoto next!

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