Social Media Audit: Square’s LinkedIn Company Page

Company Overview

The following social media audit is based on Square’s LinkedIn Company Page. Square has a great mission of simplifying commerce, and allowing everyone to accept credit cards anytime, anywhere.

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While Square’s logo naturally looks better in a square, LinkedIn’s rectangular space offers a chance to input a logo as well as a company name and/or tagline. Square doesn’t take advantage of this, but they have created a unique header for their LinkedIn audience.

Social Media Audit: Square’s LinkedIn Company Page | @DanielleGeva

Another custom header image appears on Square’s career section. Seeing as LinkedIn is a professional network, often individuals that browse company pages are interested in that company’s culture and openings. The header invites candidates to click through to Square’s career listings on their website, but doesn’t neglect to list openings directly on LinkedIn. The careers section also has a beautiful, and relevant, video about working at square.

Social Media Audit: Square’s LinkedIn Company Page | @DanielleGeva

The number of people listed as Square employees further demonstrates the passion of the individuals in the video. Whether you have 5 or 5,000 employees, it is important to get them on board as representatives of your company. A stronger LinkedIn page is one where employees are proud to publicly list your company as their place of employment.

Social Media Audit: Square’s LinkedIn Company Page | @DanielleGeva

Rarely do companies take advantage of LinkedIn’s product section. Square does a wonderful job of displaying a full list of their products complete with images and succinct descriptions. Creating a custom header of your product in action might be a bit more difficult if you only provide services, but the text below will allow you to go into detail about your offering directly on LinkedIn to encourage visitors to visit your website for additional information and purchase.

Social Media Audit: Square’s LinkedIn Company Page | @DanielleGeva


Square appeals to LinkedIn’s professional audience by updating their company page with company news regarding products, events, hires, press, and behind the scenes photos of their office space. While Square does share posts from external sources, it would also be a good idea to share industry news that isn’t necessarily about the company itself. LinkedIn makes for a great channel for self-promotion, but taking the time to sprinkle in relevant content about topics that concern your audience can spark conversations and better position your brand.

Sharing links about Square’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, is a good way to attract followers through an interesting story. In addition to taking advantage of Dorsey’s well-known persona, this also humanizes the brand and enables Square to appear more approachable.

Social Media Audit: Square’s LinkedIn Company Page | @DanielleGeva


Over 30 thousand LinkedIn users follow Square’s company page, which results in many likes for each update. Square doesn’t update their company page consistently, but when they do they often take the time to write engaging captions. Instead of repeating the title, which appears visibly below your post, LinkedIn provides you with ample space to provide followers with some incentive to click through and share the message.

While some of Square’s content does appear to make them more approachable, there is one big flaw in this gorgeous company page. There are comments that Square seems to be ignoring. Square hasn’t been responding to positive feedback, as well as complaints that should’ve been addressed months ago. People will complain in their preferred channel, and if you have a LinkedIn company page be prepared to provide prompt responses to comments on posts. Whether or not the issues have been resolved elsewhere, it’s a shame that Square doesn’t monitor their company page as the negative comments and Square’s silence are there in the open.

Social Media Audit: Square’s LinkedIn Company Page | @DanielleGeva


LinkedIn is constantly adding new features for company pages, with the latest being improved analytics and insights. Even though Square benefits from being an established brand, taking advantage of all of LinkedIn’s available features will ensure your page will attract additional followers as well as encourage them to visit your website.

Square doesn’t update their company page consistently, but curating topical industry news allows brands to share quality posts on a regular basis and further engage followers. In order to determine the content that best performs with your audience, be sure to track your links and review LinkedIn’s built-in analytics.

LinkedIn’s users mostly consist of business professionals, which might not be your brand’s target market. However, if you do create a company page, you should be ready to monitor comments and respond when appropriate. Several page admins may be added, and you can even join the discussion from your personal account, but be sure visitors and customers aren’t ignored.

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