Social Media Audit: Lufa Farms’ Pinterest Account

Company Overview

The following social media audit is based on Lufa Farm’s Pinterest account. Lufa Farms aims to change the way the world eats through urban farming.

You can learn more about Lufa Farms here:


Lufa Farms’ Pinterest account has a powerful bio and a quality image of their logo, consistent with their other social media accounts. While Lufa Farms plans to expand beyond Montreal, they’ve proudly added their current location, which is a great way to appeal to local prospects.

Lufa Farms Bio

Pinterest allows for both brands and individuals to verify their website, an important feature that conveys ownership to other pinners. Lufa Farms has yet to verify their website, which is also a crucial step in obtaining access to Pinterest’s built-in analytics.

Before website verification, pinners were able to confirm the identity of accounts by clicking through to other social networks displayed below the bio. Pinterest doesn’t allow brands to connect their Facebook page, but Lufa Farms should consider displaying their Twitter. Connecting the official Lufa Farms Twitter account would enhance their Pinterest account and it’s authority, while providing pinners with an easy way to follow the brand on Twitter.


Pinterest is a great platform for building a community around shared interests, and Lufa Farms does a wonderful job of creating a variety of creative boards with the common theme of healthy eating and nature. Lufa Farms appeals to its visual audience with quality images, and gorgeous covers for each board.

There are only two boards with Lufa Farms in the title, as being overly self-promotional discourages pinners from following brands. In addition to adding their location, Lufa Farms goes a step further by dedicating an entire board to their hometown Montreal in order to increase discoverability.

Lufa Farms Boards

Minimizing self-promotion can also be achieved by focusing on pinning images from external sources. Most of Lufa Farms’ recent images have either been uploaded or pinning directly from their blog, but it’s would be a good idea to supplement their own content by curating quality images and articles from sites relevant to their audience. Associating the Lufa Farms brand with well-known sites in their industry can help position the startup as an expert in their space.

Lufa Farms Pin

Lufa Farms has exceptional boards directly related to their product offering, but there’s room to create additional boards by further examining their audience’s lifestyle. In addition to being interested in their current boards featuring green design and unique kitchen spaces, followers might also enjoy images of urban skylines and a board dedicated to yoga tips. A greater understanding of your audience will help you create effective boards with highly engaging content.


Unlike many brands on Pinterest, Lufa Farms actually takes the time to like and comment on images from other pinners. This is a great way to increase engagement and obtain additional followers, especially pinners that are already pinning content from the Lufa Farms site.

Lufa Farms has many followers, however, overall engagement is relatively low. In addition to liking and commenting on pins, it’s important to interact with other pinners by repinning their images. While original content drives traffic through clicks, repinning actually alerts pinners and prompts them to visit your brand’s Pinterest. You can see which pins perform best, and those with a high number of repins are highly likely to resonate with your followers.

Lufa Farms Engage

While repins can be a great way to boost engagement, they can also help your brand provide followers with quality content on a regular basis. A consistent content schedule is essential for exposure and in turn engagement, and Lufa Farms hasn’t posted anything in weeks.

Lufa Farms Last


Brand consistency across every channel is crucial; however, you should also take advantage of the features only available on Pinterest. Lufa Farms has taken care of the basics, but a verified site and frequent updates from a variety of sources will ensure they get the most out of their investment.

In order to provide value for their followers, searching for quality content can be done directly on Pinterest. Repinning images from Lufa Farms’ customers can serve as an opportunity to keep their brand top of mind, and encourage pinners to return the favour. This is also an opportunity to connect with individuals that can be clearly identified as prospects according to their pins.

As a brand on Pinterest, don’t be afraid to increase the percentage of curated content in order to stay active. It may take a while before your original content goes viral, but once it does you’ll continue to get repins and traffic long after the pin was created.

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