Social Media Audit: Square’s LinkedIn Company Page

Company Overview

The following social media audit is based on Square’s LinkedIn Company Page. Square has a great mission of simplifying commerce, and allowing everyone to accept credit cards anytime, anywhere.

You can learn more about Square here:–


While Square’s logo naturally looks better in a square, LinkedIn’s rectangular space offers a chance to input a logo as well as a company name and/or tagline. Square doesn’t take advantage of this, but they have created a unique header for their LinkedIn audience.

Social Media Audit: Square’s LinkedIn Company Page | @DanielleGeva

Another custom header image appears on Square’s career section. Seeing as LinkedIn is a professional network, often individuals that browse company pages are interested in that company’s culture and openings. The header invites candidates to click through to Square’s career listings on their website, but doesn’t neglect to list openings directly on LinkedIn. The careers section also has a beautiful, and relevant, video about working at square.

Social Media Audit: Square’s LinkedIn Company Page | @DanielleGeva

The number of people listed as Square employees further demonstrates the passion of the individuals in the video. Whether you have 5 or 5,000 employees, it is important to get them on board as representatives of your company. A stronger LinkedIn page is one where employees are proud to publicly list your company as their place of employment.

Social Media Audit: Square’s LinkedIn Company Page | @DanielleGeva

Rarely do companies take advantage of LinkedIn’s product section. Square does a wonderful job of displaying a full list of their products complete with images and succinct descriptions. Creating a custom header of your product in action might be a bit more difficult if you only provide services, but the text below will allow you to go into detail about your offering directly on LinkedIn to encourage visitors to visit your website for additional information and purchase.

Social Media Audit: Square’s LinkedIn Company Page | @DanielleGeva

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