Social Media Audit: Lufa Farms’ Pinterest Account

Company Overview

The following social media audit is based on Lufa Farm’s Pinterest account. Lufa Farms aims to change the way the world eats through urban farming.

You can learn more about Lufa Farms here:


Lufa Farms’ Pinterest account has a powerful bio and a quality image of their logo, consistent with their other social media accounts. While Lufa Farms plans to expand beyond Montreal, they’ve proudly added their current location, which is a great way to appeal to local prospects.

Lufa Farms Bio

Pinterest allows for both brands and individuals to verify their website, an important feature that conveys ownership to other pinners. Lufa Farms has yet to verify their website, which is also a crucial step in obtaining access to Pinterest’s built-in analytics.

Before website verification, pinners were able to confirm the identity of accounts by clicking through to other social networks displayed below the bio. Pinterest doesn’t allow brands to connect their Facebook page, but Lufa Farms should consider displaying their Twitter. Connecting the official Lufa Farms Twitter account would enhance their Pinterest account and it’s authority, while providing pinners with an easy way to follow the brand on Twitter.

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