Is that all?

Similar to marketing strategies, there is pressure to continually innovate the channels in which you provide customer service. The first few to offer a novel solution get all the praise, and then you feel like you have to adhere to the new standard. How many of these support methods do you think customers expect from your company?

One Call Resolution

One Call Resolution

Hand Written Notes

Buffer App

Live Chat


@HootSuite_HelpPersonalized Video Responses

We’ve all complained about customer support at some point, but it’s usually due to an inability to provide an effective solution. It doesn’t matter if you skip all the bells and whistles in the early days as long as you do your best to:
1. Acknowledge every inquiry and complaint.
2. Respond in a timely manner, even when you don’t have the answer.
3. Mind your manners, and apologize for mistakes.

Looking for new ways to delight customers shouldn’t be neglected, but great customer service comes from the heart. It requires an employee that genuinely cares, and is interested in solving the problem as much as the person on the other end, if not more.


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