Lessons from the Greats

Looking for entrepreneurship information, advice, and tips? Look no further. Under30CEO prepared a list of 20 Blogs and Twitter Accounts Every Entrepreneur Should Follow. These experts have been through it all, and are sharing the valuable lessons they have learnt along the way. 

  1. QuickSprout – Twitter: @NeilPatel
  2. Mixergy – Twitter: @Mixergy
  3. I Will Teach You to be Rich – Twitter: @Ramit
  4. Escape From Cubicle Nation – Twitter: @PamSlim
  5. Personal Branding Blog – Twitter: @DanSchawbel
  6. Seth Godin – Twitter: @ThisIsSethsBlog
  7. Chris Brogan – Twitter: @ChrisBrogan
  8. Problogger – Twitter: @Problogger
  9. The Rise to the Top – Twitter: @therisetothetop
  10. Copyblogger – Twitter: @Copyblogger
  11. Young Entrepreneur – Twitter: @thebizguy
  12. Small Biz Trends – Twitter: @smallbiztrends
  13. Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist – Twitter: @Penelopetrunk
  14. Gary Vaynerchuk – Twitter: @Garyvee
  15. How to Change the World – Twitter: @GuyKawasaki
  16. Duct Tape Marketing – Twitter: @Ducttape
  17. Zen Habits – Twitter: @Zen_Habits
  18. LifeHacker – Twitter: @LifeHacker
  19. OnStartups – Twitter: @Dharmesh
  20. Social Media Examiner – Twitter: @SMExaminer

Update: While I do frequent some of the above sites, I must add the ones below, as they offer in-depth analysis and are invaluable resources for anybody within the startup ecosystem.

  1. Paul Graham – @PaulG
  2. PandoDaily  – @PandoDaily
  3. Uncrunched  – @Arrington
  4. Both Sides of The Table – @MSuster
  5. A Smart Bear – @ASmartBear
  6. Chris Dixon – @CDixon
  7. Fast Company – @FastCompany
  8. Inc. – @Inc
  9. Entrepreneur – @EntMagazine

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