XYDO Goes Public

Woke up this morning to a lovely surprise – XYDO went public. Even in my half-asleep state, I felt extremely proud, which I dare compare to a child taking their first steps.

Founders, Eric Roach and Cameron Brain, saw an opportunity and executed. Unlike similar news feeds, XYDO provides us with socially endorsed news, from the people we trust.

XYDO is successful, where other sites have failed, which proves that a great idea is nothing without a great team behind it. The vision for personalized news could only be executed by this extraordinary duo (and the rest of their amazing team).

During its private beta phase XYDO reached 1.1M contributors, and early users had the privilege of shaping the site. I cannot praise the founders enough for truly taking the time to listen to their community’s feedback.

You no longer need an invite, so come on board and join me on XYDO!

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