How to Create and Grow Your Tribe

I recently listened to a Mixergy interview with Seth Godin about communities and tribes. Below are of a few great concepts that stood out.

Building a community involves creating a place where people can connect with one another. However, the community must also have a purpose, and you must communicate that core mission to your tribe. The tribe is simply a tactic to drive change. Our mission is to provide you with professional feedback, and the greater purpose is to ensure innovative ideas are executed successfully.

Every movement starts with a leader. Sometimes, it takes a while before anyone else will join your tribe. Even though they are some useful tactics such as rewards, there is no bulletproof method for creating a successful community. The hardest part is execution, and the decision to overcome your fear and obstacles. Try various approaches through trial and error, and be persistent, eventually you will find the right way to grow your tribe.

Keep in mind that people will only join a cause worthy of their time and effort. Don’t be selfish; choose a cause that people care about. You will fail, if you are simply looking for a moneymaking business. However, if you pursue something you are passionate about, and stick with it, you are bound to motivate others to join your tribe.

For more inspiring and proven business advice from successful entrepreneurs, listen to Andrew Warner’s interviews on Mixergy.

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2 thoughts on “How to Create and Grow Your Tribe

    1. Thanks! Andrew is pretty awesome… I love his interviews, and have just found out you interviewed him! Can’t wait to check it out!

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