A late lunch at Green Earth in Osaka

Before getting hangry, I search through the restaurants on my map. There’s plenty of options, but they are all a train ride away. I’m not sure if I feel like figuring out train fares and transfers. It’s a 20 minute walk to the closest vegan restaurant, Green Earth. The beauty of this place is that it doesn’t close between lunch and dinner, so it’s perfect for jet-lagged travellers.

When I arrive at Green Earth, the place is empty. This can be a bad sign, but considering it’s a weird time I don’t let it throw me. It turns out to be a good thing because I get served quickly before fellow travellers and locals start to trickle in. Since I’m starving, I order the mysterious lunch of the day.

Each daily special has a different type of main and soup, and is served with rice and two salads. I love meals that consist of multiple dishes in one course. The variety feels like a mini buffet for one. I like to sample each dish, and save my favourites for last. This proves to be a difficult task since every flavour in my lunch is spot on.

The stew is rich and hearty, and goes well with the rice topped with sesame salt. The hot soup is comforting. The salads are lightly tosses in divine dressing, and sprinkled with roasted nuts for a nice crunch. My adventurous choice pays off. I’ve read that in Japan it’s considered wasteful to leave food behind, but I don’t have to worry because I’ve devoured every last crumb.

Since Green Earth is close to my hotel, I’m tempted to save it as a backup for when other places are closed. But everything was so delicious that I definitely want to return sooner to taste the rest of the menu.

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