Your Company’s Five Customers

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Every business has to deal with these five types of customers. Below are some tips on how to treat each customer, once you’ve identified which category they fall into.

1. The Early Adopter

The Early Adopter signs up before you’ve even had a chance to read your own launch announcement. They are eager to try the latest products, and their Twitter feed is full of “I just signed up to x, join me now… #beta #invite”.

How To
Beware, it won’t be long before the Early Adopter gets distracted by the next shiny startup and forgets all about you. One way to keep these customers around is to make them feel like insiders and constantly update them on new features. Don’t worry if they do disappear, as they are often not your target audience. However, try to keep the Early Adopter engaged long enough for the word to reach prospects in her network.

2. The Groupie

The Groupie is an Early Adopter that felt so special she decided to stick around. These customers will bombard you with suggestions, and won’t hesitate to answer any requests for feedback.

How To
Accept their advice graciously, but don’t feel compelled to satisfy their every demand. You might find some gems, but as much as these customers love your product, you’ll notice the Groupie rarely converts into a paying customer.

3. The Hater

The Hater thinks every decision you’ve made is wrong, and yet they won’t go away. They complain loudly about your startups every move, but never seem to offer any constructive criticism.

How To
Kill them with kindness, and simply ask the Hater how can you improve. After they unsuccessfully try to articulate some useful advice, show your appreciation and they will move on to their next target.

4. The Big Spender

The Big Spender was interested in upgrading before the paid plan was even complete. These customers have a large budget, and are ready to spend it to avoid developing a similar solution internally.

How To
You have no idea how they found you, but you should find out. Don’t bombard them with requests for testimonials, and desperate attempts for upsells. Instead offer them incentives for referrals, and learn what new features would be valuable to them.

5. The Loyal Customer

The Loyal Customer won’t leave for a competitor with a better-looking site or slightly lower prices. These customers will discreetly let you know if they encounter a bug, and continue to trust you to solve their problems as they opt in for the annual plan.

How To
If you’re lucky, most of your customers will simply be loyal. Don’t take the Loyal Customer for granted, as they are often the quiet ones. Listen to their feature requests and understand how to better serve them, to ensure that competitors won’t lure them away.


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