Entrepreneurship: What are three most important traits of an entrepreneur?


The three most important traits of an entrepreneur are curiosity, persistence, and adaptability.


Entrepreneurs never tire from asking questions and learning about how things work. They are constantly seeking new experiences, processes, and products, while trying to figure out how to improve each one. Their curiosity inspires them to explore new avenues as they attempt to discover a better way of delivering value to the world.

See: Elon Musk


Entrepreneurship is hard work. The failure rate is high, and entrepreneurs’ emotional connection to their ventures makes each loss highly painful. However, successful entrepreneurs don’t give up. They are ready to prove the naysayers wrong, and are determined to turn their idea into a reality. Entrepreneurs persist despite any hardships, as they are fuelled by their desire to make a difference.

See: James Altucher


Continuing to pursue goals at any cost shouldn’t come at the expense of adaptability. While successful entrepreneurs are committed to their vision, they are also willing to adapt their methods or product. As the market changes and new findings are made, entrepreneurs are constantly re-evaluating their efforts and willing to adjust their execution to better serve customers.

See: Yelp

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