Tips on Building Your Snapchat Audience

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Some brands have started to experiment with Snapchat, but it seems many still don’t take the app too seriously. While Snapchat may seem silly, and has yet to offer business support, other innovative communication channels like Twitter were also discounted. Seven years later, Twitter IPO’d, so why not promote on an app that has already attracted 26 million users in the U.S. alone.


Snapchat currently attracts a younger audience, as the majority of Snapchat’s users are between 18-29. If your brand targets a younger demographic, you might want to consider following your customers to Snapchat, as many are spending less time and slowly leaving other social networks. Businesses intending to reach tech-savvy early adopters should also consider promoting their product offering using the innovative platform. While these users may be less active on Snapchat, older early adopters are likely to have more disposable income.

Building an Audience

Having a presence on the network isn’t enough; the crucial part is building up your audience through a friend list. The best way to do so is by offering users an incentive to send you a friend request. You don’t necessarily need a large budget, instead think of creative campaigns that incorporate Snapchat’s unique features and capture users’ attention.

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Snapchat is Already Driving Ecommerce Sales

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It used to be tricky proving the value of engaging customers online, let alone the fact that people were actually interested in talking about brands. Currently, there are useful tools which visualize brand chatter and prove that people are talking about ‘boring’ industries, such as banking and healthcare. Other advanced tools were also developed to aid in calculating ROI, in order to demonstrate that social media done right is good for the bottom line. However, support hasn’t been rolled out for recent social networks, namely Snapchat.

Snapchat itself has yet to offer built-in analytics or cater to brands. Since there are limited metrics available, only a small number of companies have chosen to experiment with the platform. Regardless, the absence from any social network isn’t stopping users from talking about your brand on that very platform.

Increased Word of Mouth

There is no doubt that social media buttons boost word of mouth and drive ecommerce sales. However, there are certain products that consumers would rather not share with their network. Consumers may opt to send a formal email or a text, but the time it takes likely deters many from spreading the word.

Snapchat’s design is optimal for sharing, as the app is quick to load and opens directly to the camera screen. Doodles and text can also be included for additional context. Product images can be sent to a decision maker, the user herself, or even be saved and accessed for later viewing.

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Even though Snapchat can be as intimate as a text, especially with Android push notifications, the app has more of a casual feel. Since images disappear after viewing, the pressure is off and users are more inclined to share moments without thinking twice.

Ecommerce businesses benefit from increased word of mouth as one customer browsing their products can easily let others know about a new item or an upcoming sale. Even if the user isn’t sure their friends care about the deal, she knows they can stop viewing the image at any time. Further more, since the emphasis is on sharing rather than conversations, users don’t feel obligated to reply to every snap unless they are interested in more information.

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