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Shifting the Blame

I have never been curious about tobacco. Smoking is a disgusting habit, and the effects are fatal. I never understood the logic behind deciding to start smoking, and the reason people continued to smoke. The situation angered me, especially when smokers didn’t quit for the sake of their loved ones; once it was discovered that second hand smoking kills.

However, now I understand that the issue is not so black and white. Since I am not tempted, I can never understand the attraction and the difficulty of quitting. I think I might be able to relate by comparing smoking to eating fast food. Fast food is known to be unhealthy, however, sometimes I cannot resist a greasy burger and fries. The more fast food I eat, the more I crave, and only others who have gone through this experience can relate. Fast food is not as addicting or harmful as smoking, but I think the example is comparable.

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