Introducing Social Media Audits

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New clients often ask me for a sample of my work if they weren’t obtained through referrals. While this is a completely fair request, up until recently I couldn’t comply.

The startups I work with often insist on an NDA, and the small businesses simply ask that I keep the documents confidential. Seeing as my reports involve strategic planning, or are based on analytics that aren’t publicly available, it’s understandable that the client prefers to keep the information private.

Approximately a year ago, I was able to dig into the data of three clients in order to get some quantitative results to present to future clients. I’m proud of the results as they showcase some of my achievements, however, the document doesn’t go into much detail in terms of planning.

When preparing a social media plan, I like to combine my knowledge of best practices as well as examine successful accounts in the client’s space. Learning from the mistakes of well-established brands, and identifying effective activities, can help clients better understand key concepts which will in turn lead to improved performance.

Pinpointing specific strengths and weaknesses of a social media account, or overall online presence, can be thought of as a social media audit. Over the past few weeks, I’ve taken the time to create several social media audits, which are available for sale will be available as posts over the next few months. These documents are based on brands I admire, and are full of actionable advice.

If you’re interested in learning how to boost your Pinterest account, or what is the one thing missing from Square’s beautiful LinkedIn page, please subscribe and keep an eye out for future posts or contact me at for a custom report.

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