My First Startup Event in Montreal

Yesterday I went to MTL New Tech Demo #44 to get a taste of what Montreal entrepreneurs are working on. Each demo lasted 5 minutes with an additional 5 minutes for Q & A, a great format for most founders who were better at answering questions than pitching their ideas.

As in most tech events, women were a minority but I was glad to see some ladies step up to ask questions and others as part of the presenting startup teams. Beth from Lanoba even took the initiative to follow attendees on Twitter before the event.

The event takes place every month and is free to attend, so I hope to check it out next month as well. Here’s a quick recap of the startups that demoed last night.


Experts.AI helps clients automate their content marketing using Artificial Intelligence. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to hear much about the exact technique, but content marketing is definitely something I am interested in. The company seems to hand-hold clients through the process and show them what types of blog posts and e-books to produce as well as why (according to customer profiles). I’m not sure if customized newsletters are part of the plan, but they should consider adding those to their product map.


HexoSkin had me at their tagline, Wearable Body Metrics, which is great since there is no way will I remember their name (most likely since I can’t pronounce it). The unique product, and yes they have a patent, or two, measures athletes’ performance. Wearable Tech seems to be a growing trend, and combined with a mobile app, HexoSkin essentially digitizes the human body. Partnering up with large clothing distributors already targeting athletes would be ideal, as well as perhaps finding a way to integrate with existing medical apps.


My favourite startup, as in the only one product I actually wished I owned, is FixMeStick. While I love trying to understand the technology behind startups, I am by no means tech savvy (except of course when compared to some relatives). The FixMeStick is a USB device that simply detects and removes malware from your PC, and soon from your Mac. Anti-virus programs are a great method of prevention, but they can’t possibly detect everything and are especially ineffective after a computer is infected. The FixMeStick offers peace-of-mind, and I hope to try the Mac version as part of the upcoming beta. This is also a great gift for your relatives that either keep asking you for help or ignore the fact that Chrome takes 5 minutes to load on their computer.


Lanoba provides real-time analytics and user data through a login and share widget. Visitors’ information is tracked after they agree to log in or share a blog post, this allows for better targeting and engagement. Extracting information I would consider private as a consumer, would sure make my job easier so luckily many visitors do grant their consent. Understanding your customers is key, and this is an interesting way to identify influential users. I only hope developing this product wasn’t too easy, or their prospects may just decide to build it in-house.


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