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I came across XYDO while researching startups, betas, and innovative new apps for a side project. My first response was to bookmark the site, because I already knew I would frequent XYDO.

First impressions can make or break you, for some it’s the description but for me it’s the logo, the website, and the people behind the idea. XYDO has one of the most visually appealing websites I’ve come across in awhile. The design is amazing, and it is incredibly easy to navigate through the site and content. The XYDO team is clearly destined for greatness, and even though the About page isn’t up yet, you won’t be able to miss them.

The founders, Cameron Brain & Eric Roach, are extremely passionate about their vision and encourage feedback. They value users’ opinions, and work hard on constantly improving XYDO to better serve their audience. Any VC will tell you that ideas evolve; it’s the team behind the idea that matters. In this case, the team truly creates value with XYDO. The concept behind XYDO is to provide users with relevant information from the people they care about.

There is no shortage of information online, and the sheer quantity makes it difficult to find anything among the clutter. XYDO presents information through subjects (used as tags, not categories), and through people. Each user can edit the article’s subjects, at any time, to ensure accuracy. Users are able to find quality information quickly and effectively, as the people they trust recommended the articles. Recommendations are automatically imported from other social media accounts; however, users also have the option to add them directly from XYDO.

The XYDO team is building a community through features such as follow user, private messaging, and comments. The emphasis is on community recommended information, rather than impersonal feeds. An interactive browsing experience of quality information, from the people you care about, is a truly innovative concept.

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